The Quest for a Professional


We're off to Find the Wizard!

The series of articles that Yakima Roofing & Remodeling, LLC is composing are to help you on your search for a professional. We understand that life is a constant whirlwind and hiring a contractor is a 30 second process with virtually 0 consideration on the things that count. Instead the way most American's shop for a contractor is based on price, price and maybe appearances.


Our Goal is to consolidate enough information into one place so that a person who knows nothing of the industry can learn enough to make an educated decision when it comes to who they will hire. Not based on the bottom line, but on a measuring system that properly vets a contractor.


Not all contractors are professionals. A professional should first have the basic traits of a code of conduct they live by. A professional should be to some degree a gentlemen by our own standards. Furthermore we believe that a professional should be knowledge in his field and skilled to perform that profession at a high degree of quality. The end result should be a service or product that is well done, looks great and will last!