Protect Your Roof From Moss and Algae

Team up with us for roof cleaning services in Yakima and Naches, WA

Moss on your roof isn't just unappealing, but it can also shorten the life span of your roof. Fortunately, Yakima Roofing & Remodeling, LLC offers moss and algae cleaning services in the Yakima and Naches, WA area. We'll do all we can to remove harmful organic growth so you can preserve your roof as long as possible.

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What's our process for cleaning roofs?

Removing algae and moss from your roof can be a time-consuming and tedious task. The experienced team at Yakima Roofing & Remodeling makes it easy. We'll start by cleaning your roof thoroughly. Then, we'll treat your roof with a specialized chemical solution. We'll repeat the process two more times with two to three weeks in between each treatment. Finally, we'll install algae and moss prevention products.

Keep your roof free from harmful organic growth. Call us today to schedule an appointment for roof cleaning services.