• Our mission is to provide premium service at an affordable price.
  • Become the #1 Trusted name in the Valley
  • Give back to the community through Veteran discounts.

Peace of Mind

  • License & Bonded: UBI: 604 903 387
  • Member of the Central Washington Home Builders Association
  • Angi Certified Pro
  • Insured for $1 Million Dollars in Coverage
  • Employees Worker's Comp
  • 20 years in the industry with over 60 years of combined knowledge and experience.
  • Excellent Employee pay ***No Piece Rates**
  • Quality Promise.
  • 3 Point Daily Inspection: Ground cleanup, Install Manufacture Specs and security.
  • Risk management system
  • Crew Safety Systems

Why we are different

With many Roofing Contactors to choose from one may assume that all roofers are doing the same job and will resort to shopping based on the price. Many believe in the rule of getting three estimates and choosing the middle price as the safe bet. So if every roofing contractor is claiming to be different, and better than the rest who do you choose to entrust your investment to?

We understand the value of money. Our jobs are tough and we must perform in the harsh winter or under the hot Yakima sun. So when we spend our money on our own home improvement's we want the best value for our family. We simply want that investment of that service or product to last the expected term of life.

The simple reason as to why we are different is that we care. It doesn't matter if you're the best roofing contractor, have all the best tools, the best marketing and the most knowledge, the service ultimately comes down to the installers. The installers may have all the roofing knowledge and skills but do they care? What do they care about?

Our installers have over 60 years of combined knowledge and experience and though this may sound impressive the only thing that matters is that our installers will continue to care when the temperatures are freezing and the sun is going down, or when the sun is hot and we are working past quitting time to get the job done right. Our quality never wavers if we grow tired,

Our process reduces liability risks. Roofing is a seasonal job in our area, after Thanksgiving many shut the doors for the winter. We however keep on removing roofs and installing new ones through the harsh winter months with a simple method that we perfected over the years. Our method of removing your roof is simple.

Every day starts with a weather report check. Based on the weather reports we will calculate how much area we can remove that day. Once the tear off has been completed we will prep that area by pulling old fasteners, inspect the substrate for damage, rot and proper fastener installation according to local building codes. If any substrate repairs are required we will make the necessary repairs and then proceed to cleaning the substrate so that no dust, nails or roofing debris remains. After cleaning the gutters if any are present we will begin by adding the drip edge to the eave, add any valley metals that may be in the area and install ice guard 2 feet beyond the building line. We do some thing's that go beyond local building codes to insure extra protection in certain situations at no added cost that no one else does but those are considered trade secrets of our business. After installing the vapor barrier and pipe flashings we will either begin roofing or cleaning the ground depending on the time. Our goal is to remove 100% of roofing debris from the ground every day for several reasons.

  1. It reduces risk and liability issues for the home owner. Believe it or not if a child passing through your yard was hurt by any roofing debris you could be held liable.
  2. We want our customers to come home after a long hard day at work and find sanctuary ready to welcome them as they are accustomed.
  3. We want our customers to know that their homes are in good care while they are away.
  4. We wish to demonstrate excellence beyond what is expected from our industry.
  5. Finally we just want to express our gratitude that you choose us! We are thankful for the opportunity your project has made for us to take care of our own families.

Industry Standards for drying in your house means we will never rely on tarps! EVER! This is not a standard roofing practice. We will dry your home or business in as if we are expecting a severe thunderstorm or week long blizzard is hours away. We will secure all materials so that the wind won't toss them off the roof, we will remove all tools off the property so that they do not attract the wrong kind of attention. We will secure any products on the ground so that they are not a hazard to anyone.

Finally we move to the install. We are dedicated to fallowing the manufacture specifications to a T. We know the products we install and we only install quality products. No plastic flashings and we won't reuse old pipe flashings that won't last the life of the new roof. But the one and most over looked thing of all, the king of all issues is the nailing. We will fallow the manufacture specs so that while we are installing your new roof system, it will last the life it is expected to. Our installers care more about the install then getting the job done quick. This means we are shooting our fasteners in at the proper angles and at the proper depths so that our fasteners are not breaking through the shingles and are placed perfectly on the nail line. Furthermore we inspect every nail as we insert them and if any are placed incorrectly we will remove that fastener and place a new one.

Because of our dedication to placing nails to spec we discovered over time that the shorter 1 1/4 " nails bounces around the firing shaft and the installer will suffer a good % of his fasteners going in at a wrong angle. Because of this we started using 1 3/4" nails and found that because of the longer nail length that it travels straight down the firing shaft and results in nearly no crooked nails unless the installer has his gun tilted too far a common issue we find in most premature failing roofs. The reason why a nail installed at too much of an angle is that the installer is firing too many nails too fast and isn't inspecting each one placed. The result is a nail that will begin to work it's way back up with time and this leads to holes in the shingle that is covering the rising nail head.

Many contractors will hire roofers who have "Their way" of roofing, but to us the only way is the way that matters is how the manufacture specifies how they want their products installed. To deviate from their specifications would void the warranty of your brand new roof.

So we may know roofing, we have the skills and developed strategies to reduce risk over the years but the only thing that matters at the end of the day to us is that we installed every nail and every shingle with care. That the roof looks amazing and that we can walk away knowing it will last!

Though roofing is our bread and butter as a business, our vast knowledge and skill base reaches far and wide in the construction realm. At Yakima roofing & Remodeling, LLC we are not just a roofing contractor but a general contractor who can help you design and build from the ground up small structures such as storage, pump houses, car ports or if you need to up scale we can have our design team create blue-prints and get all the necessary approvals and permits to bring your large scale projects from dream to reality.